4 comments on “A True Bitch

  1. Thank you. I'm a single mom of 5 kids. Their father lives out of state withhis new girl. I have no problem with him having a new girl. My issue is that you allow her to disrespect our children in your face. You don't pay crap….nothing, zilda, zero. They were suppose to spend the summer with him and his family but now they can't do that either. So now I get to pay for summer camp too. If God allowed me a man to help me I would be soooo happy. Until that day….team mom will hold it down.

  2. You better preach Jeanine. I'm a single mother and it is very hard. Why is it that there trifling females get the baby daddy's that want to do right and will but the good women like us get the deadbeats? Tameka should be slapped so she'd get some sense. Stop being spiteful because God won't bless you.

  3. It always seems like the ones who take things for granted get the good side of the deal but they will get theirs one day. Then they are going to wish they would've acted right in the beginning. Thanks for reading!

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