2 comments on “3 Baby Daddies = No husband

  1. Wow! When will we learn that the problem with women today is we spend to much time in other peoples business. I have 5 kids …yes 5. I always get looks when I'm with my children n comments like your hands are full. Do you know me? Do you know I'm educated. I support all 5 of my kids by myself n I empower women. Every woman has a story. Take time to learn about each others gifts and talents. If we spent more time unifying and less time judging …no one could stop us! I'm an amazing woman with a real story. Talk to me a few minutes n you will see that.

  2. Exactly Carrie…that's what upset me the most because you never know someone's situation and just to say that they don't deserve a husband because they have multiple baby daddies was just ridiculous. Everyone is so quick to judge nowadays…it's sad.

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